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Bartmasser & Co., CPAS, is one of Beverly Hills, CA’s most established and successful firms. The company was founded more than five decades ago and quickly became one of the leading accounting firms in Southern California. Bartmasser & Co. built its strong reputation by specializing in full-service accounting, emphasizing tax services and financial planning for individuals and businesses.


With an emphasis on serving clients throughout their entire financial years, from marriage to retirement, we are proud to have many of our very first clients still with us! We have assisted clients with all types of tax and financial needs. From newlyweds to those retiring, for profits and non-profit organizations and small businesses to corporations.


A sample of industries our clients practice in: Law, Medicine, Manufacturing, Technology, Public Relations, Art, Pre and Post Production, Writing, Fashion Design, Import & Export and Real Estate.

Kary J. Bartmasser

Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Realtor, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

A graduate from Cal State University at Northridge's prestigious school of Accounting, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting, Mr. Bartmasser is dedicated to providing premier financial services.


Mr. Bartmasser holds numerous titles, including licensed real estate broker, Realtor and owner of InSite Properties real estate firm, registered investment advisor (RIA) and life insurance agent.


As a sought-after financial expert, Mr. Bartmasser is often interviewed by leading media. His quotes have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Daily News as well as being featured on drive-time radio with superstar personality Ryan Seacrest.


For more than 50 years, Bartmasser & Co. has provided professional financial advice to Southern California’s most prominent citizens. The firm’s well-rounded client list includes physicians, attorneys, entrepreneurs and directors, writers and composers in the entertainment industry.

For all Financial and Real Estate Expert requests, please contact Quintessential 

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